The Value of Taking Time to Reflect

Over the years I’ve come to learn to value something that so many never take the time to consider. It’s simple, it doesn’t take a long time at all, but for some reason so many think they’re too busy to implement it in their own lives. It’s a pity because so much is gained by doing it. When it’s put into practice consistently AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN! So, what am I referring to?

What I’ve come to cherish is this – taking time to REFLECT…

I’m a sports guys, and I see so many life and leadership lessons when I watch a game of football or basketball. Some teams look the same both the first half and the second half, they may not be worse but they’re certainly not better. On the other hand one thing I’ve observed is that the best coaches come out after halftime having made adjustments after they reflected on their team’s experience in the first half. Experience alone doesn’t teach anything; however, when you reflect on your experience – now you’ve learned something! You gain wisdom and insight when you take time to reflect.

I could write a book about this subject alone! It’s not just in sports, it’s in every arena of life. Study the lives of some of the greatest people who ever lived, and you’ll find they all spent great time alone to think and reflect… No matter the field, this is true. The greatest athletes, artists, world leaders and religious leaders took time to reflect. The theme remains the same throughout scripture as well, from Joseph to David to Daniel to Jesus they all spent time alone in prayer. They slowed down and allowed God to speak to them. They gave themselves to times of reflecting and remembering who God is, who they are, why they’re here and what they’re called to do next.

Think about what this would do in your own life, your work, your family. Some of us would discover freedom from unhealthy patterns of behavior. We all would become more healthy in every area of our lives when we begin to take the time to stop and think, think deeply and reflect. Reflect on why you do what you do, how you do what you do, and how you can do what you do more efficiently. I think far too often we miss the mark, we get sidetracked, we major on the minors and minor on the majors. And the saddest reality is some people live their entire lives before they take the time to reflect and by then it’s too late. They lay on their death beds looking back on their lives and wish they could do it all over again. They’d spend more time with family, they’d pray about those big decisions, they’d think more, give more and love more.

Hear the voice of the Lord! Remember His great love, reflect on why you’re really here on this earth and gain a renewed sense of purpose. God has us here for a reason! He’s called us into an intimate relationship and given us a very serious mission.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to ask God questions and take the time to ask yourself questions as well. “Am I on the right track? What did I learn from this? What brings me the most joy? What do I prize the most? What’s my greatest asset? What’s my greatest liability? Am I really believing God for what I think I’m believing God for?” Ask, “God as I look back on our journey together what are some of the main things you’ve spoken to me? Is there a theme, a mantra, a pattern? What are you calling me to in this next season of my life?”

Remember to take time to REFLECT each and every day…

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