The Power of “YES”

Learning to say, "YES" to the Lord

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Endless possibilities, incredible change & great transformation are all on the other side of YES!

Recently God’s been leading me to surrender in all areas of my life. In many ways I thought I already had but as I spend time with Him I realize in every season God leads us to surrender on a deeper level. He’s always looking for a willing heart, for someone who makes themselves available to Him, willing to surrender anything and everything…

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Failing Forward

3 Things to Remember When You Fail

We all fail! We’ve all said things we wish we could take back and done things we wish we could undo. And the truth of the matter is that we will all fail again, and again, and again and in many different areas of life. So what’s the remedy? Well, if we’re going to fail we better learn how to “Fail Forward” so to speak. Failing Forward is all about what you do immediately after failing! But before we go right into “3 Things to Remember When You Fail” I’d like to share a story because stories stick and I believe this story will help you remember these three things well!

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Answers to a Pastor’s Prayers

Stories of God at Work

Years ago I remember hearing the “prayer evangelist” Terry Teykl (a Pastor in the United Methodist Church) say, “God won’t send live chicks to sit under a dead hen!” This one-liner has stuck with me and God has used it to encourage me to be a man of prayer ever since.

Several months ago I felt the Lord leading me to not only pray but to also start a

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What does Advent mean & How do I Celebrate it?

A Practical & Spiritual Guide to help you Navigate through a busy Christmastime

Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year (for many reasons). I love the food, the sweets, the shopping, the gifts, the time with family and friends; however, one of my absolute favorite things about Christmastime is a simple tradition that Emily and I share with each other and the kids: Every night during the season of Advent we start the bedtime process a half hour early. We purposely and intentionally slow down and make room for God in a very special way. We read, we pray, we light the candle(s) and sing songs of praise and worship. It’s a very simple, yet powerful time! God is faithful, and He meets our little family around our dinner table every evening. It’s a humbling and beautiful experience! We make space for God, and He comes and fills that space with His presence! I cherish these times for a few reasons:

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