How To Discover More of God’s Plan For Your Life

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“How To Discover More of God’s Plan For Your Life” this is something I often sought after! And I don’t think I’m alone! As Christ followers we want to follow! We want to seek out what exactly God has for us. Well here is something that has helped me discover more of His plan for every season of my life.

This “recipe” is for every season of life but I truly believe that the month of August in particular is going to be a very important month! Here’s why: For many it’s a month of both preparation and new beginnings. Children, parents, teachers and administrators are all preparing for a new school year and soon that school year will begin! New relationships will be formed, new challenges will arise and great opportunities are awaiting us all. Beyond just the school setting, I see God preparing His people for a new thing! Not only is He preparing us, He is also putting things in motion for new beginnings! I believe we His children will see new relationships established and divine opportunities around every corner. I believe in this month of August God is going to be giving new instructions to some and new assignments to others. I believe it will be vitally important for us to spend much time at His feet, listening to His Word, receiving the instructions He has for us! I also believe that our obedience to those instructions is vitally important as well.

A while back I shared a Word at Mount Olive AME. Pastor James Williams and MTO are incredible people who are making a huge difference in Clearwater, FL! They’re doing a lot of BIG things and they’re doing them all with GREAT LOVE! Here is a portion of what I shared. I believe it is a NOW word as we head into this new month! I am filled with excitement and expectation! I hope you are too! Be blessed my friends and make sure to spend ample time listening to what the Lord is saying in this time…

Be blessed friends!


Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

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