Steps to Successfully Create a Life Vision

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This is why I wrote my book! Too many of us live life without any real sense of direction, we are often distracted and our lives look like they are going in every direction.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our need for vision! Sometimes we need to take very practical steps to create a vision for every area of our life!

This word will challenge you and cause you to take action.  Why wait to see your life become the way you want it?  Take steps today so that you can see your desired results tomorrow.

Here are practical steps to see your dreams come true.  Listen as I define what a goal actually is and be encouraged us to dream again and begin to make goal setting a life-style.

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  • Awesome!! I wish I had known you better at RRC

  • Awe Peggy! I’ll never forget when I first started there, the talks we had as well as the times of prayer! And of course the phrase that I first heard from you (that seems like at least 2 hundred (including myself) have now come to say as well) “You are a blessing!”