What Is Leadership & Why Does It Matter?

Answering Questions About Leadership That Pertain To Us All

Picture these scenarios –

  • A lack of effort on the basketball court
  • Parents struggling to find respect in their own home
  • A dying church that can’t reach the next generation
  • Disgruntled employees that don’t meet their quota

What do these things have in common? A lack of leadership!

What is Leadership?

Leadership is not only the ability to manage it is also the ability to influence! A leader doesn’t think solely of themselves rather they think of the team and they have the ability to lead (influence) the team to accomplish amazing things! It’s influence, it’s the ability to take people from “Here” to “There.”

Why Does it Matter?

Without good leadership things fall apart rapidly! You’ve experienced it – have you ever been to a restaurant chain and had excellent experiences every time you went only to visit that chain in another location and the experience was horrific! Whether is was the food, the service, the cleanliness or all of the above? What about something more serious? Have you been a patient at a hospital with poor leadership? Worked for a company with horrible leadership? Lived in a Country without any real leadership? Whether it’s poor, horrible, or no leadership at all, you’re in trouble! You’ll find yourself in a situation that’s often unsafe with a desire to get out of there as soon as you possibly can!

So leadership is the ability to get things done! It’s the ability to help as many people as you can and to take care of those under your charge!

It matters in every arena, every field, every family, business, organization, church, school, community, government and every country!

So can you lead without being in a leadership role?

YES!!! You can lead from any seat! Use your God given gifts and voice to lead from right where you are! Make a difference, raise the leadership standard all around you and witness the impact it has on the world!

Who is the most important person you must lead?

Yourself!!! Be the person you would want to follow! If you lead yourself well over a period of time you’ll look back and realize you’re leading (influencing) a lot more people than just you!

What should you do when you’re under poor leadership?

First, always remember to honor your leadership (regardless of how poor it may be). Second, remember the answers to the first two questions: You can lead from any seat and start by leading yourself! If you do these two things you’ll have a great opportunity to impact and improve the leadership you’re under!

Remember, leadership matters! So lead yourself well and learn to lead from any seat!


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