What Is Leadership & Why Does It Matter?

Answering Questions About Leadership That Pertain To Us All

Picture these scenarios –

  • A lack of effort on the basketball court
  • Parents struggling to find respect in their own home
  • A dying church that can’t reach the next generation
  • Disgruntled employees that don’t meet their quota

What do these things have in common? A lack of leadership!

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The Value of Taking Time to Reflect

Over the years I’ve come to learn to value something that so many never take the time to consider. It’s simple, it doesn’t take a long time at all, but for some reason so many think they’re too busy to implement it in their own lives. It’s a pity because so much is gained by doing it. When it’s put into practice consistently AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN! So, what am I referring to?

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3 Keys To Growth

I think we all want to grow whether it’s to become better spouses, better parents or greater leaders and influencers in the world around us. Some of us really want to grow in our faith while others are struggling financially and need to see a growth in their income. Wherever you may be today you are reading this because you want to grow and I have written this to help you do just that! Here are 3 keys to help you see the growth you want to see in your life:

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3 Things Jesus Always Did and Why You Should Too (Not What You Might Think)

Habits You'll Want To Implement

3 things Jesus always did & why you should too (Not what you might think).

As you read through the gospels you notice many things that Jesus did regularly. He loved people, healed the sick, taught in the synagogs and preached to huge crowds. He traveled often and performed miracles everywhere he went. However, if you look a little deeper you will notice that he almost always did three things. So…what are those three things? I’m glad you asked!

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