How To See More Results And Have Greater Impact

I think the biggest mistake most of us make is that we settle with less far too often by focusing on the wrong things. We mistake busyness for accomplishment and we focus more on activity rather than real achievement.

If you want to see more results you have to focus more on results.

Ask yourself what am I doing today that is making the most impact on tomorrow? This may be difficult at first but can become quite easy by changing the question slightly: What did I do yesterday that made the most impact on today?

When we start focusing on the results more we will begin to see even greater results! Why? Because we will focus more of our energy on what’s already making the greatest impact and it will only increase!

Too many times we get stuck in our routine, we often keep investing our time, talents and resources into things that aren’t proceeding fruit and we wonder why we’re not seeing the results we want to see.

Don’t buy the lie that says, “I’m busy so I must be making a difference.” Rather KNOW that you are making a difference by focusing your energy on the results and in turn you will see more results and have greater impact!